Yesterday's St. Augustine
A nostalgic view of St. Augustine, through the eye of the camera, from the 1860's to the 1920's
by Geoff Dobson

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This Page: 1900-1920
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The Jefferson Theatre, approx. 1920's. Florida Archives Collection

The Jefferson Theatre was located on the corner of Cordova and Cathedral Place where the Bank of America and its parking lot are now located.

South Beach, undated.

The South Beach was the area from Lighthouse Park to what is now St. Augustine Beach. The Inlet was opposite the lighthouse and, thus, the Lighthouse Park area actually had a beach.

King Street, 1920's, in front of Ponce de Leon Hotel

Capo's Bath House. Florida Archives Collection.

Bayfront. Florida Archives Collection.

The square building next to the seawall is the St. Augustine Yacht Club. With the development of Davis Shores it was proposed to move it there. Unfortunately with the Florida Crash and Mr. Davis' disappearance, the Yacht Club gave up its charter. The present yacht club is a reinstitution of the Club and uses the same burgee. The white frame structure at the left in the photo is the Charles F. Hamblin residence. Following his death the structure was used as a hotel, tea room, and as the administration building for Davis. Davis remodeled the structure into a Mediteranean revival appearance. Following Davis' apparent death the building was made into the Hamblin Club for young working men. With World War II it became an American Legion Post.

Cathedral Place, 1905.

The one story building and the two-story building on the immediate right have been remodeled to their present appearance.

Charlotte Street

The Market, approx. 1906.

Although the market in the Plaza was frequently referred to as the "Old Slave Market," it is doubtful that any slaves were ever sold there. The structure was used as a farmer's market

Dr. Garnett's Orange Grove. The grove was located approximately where Bozard's Ford on North San Marco Avenue is now located.

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