Yesterday's St. Augustine
A nostalgic view of St. Augustine, through the eye of the camera, from the 1860's to the 1920's
by Geoff Dobson

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Alcazar Hotel, 1905, presently City Hall and Lightner Museum.

Swimming Pool, Alcazar Hotel, 1907. At the time the pool was the reputedly the world's largest indoor pool. Today it is used as an antique mall.

Cyclists, Alcazar Hotel. Tennis Courts are now occupied by a parking lot. Photo courtesty Florida State Archives, Tallahassee.

Children on bridge, Courtyard of Alcazar Hotel, 1912

View of Bridge, Alcazar Hotel, 1919

Hotel Marion on Bay Street, 1920's

Monson Hotel, bayfront, 1920's. The above view is the second incarnation of the Monson. The original Monson House burned in 1914. The present Monson is the third hotel on the same site and is soon to be replaced by a fourth hotel.

Hotel St. George

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