Yesterday's St. Augustine
A nostalgic view of St. Augustine, through the eye of the camera, from the 1860's to the 1920's
by Geoff Dobson

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This Page: 1890-1910
Music: "Florida By the Sea," from the Marx Brothers Movie, Cocoanuts

St. Augustine, 1891. View from San Marco Hotel toward Orange Street. Street on left is Spanish Street. The 2 two-story houses are still in existence, the one on the corner a gift shop, the next is now occupied by an Irish pub. The next street is Cordova Street. The two-story building on the corner is now occupied by the "Old Drug Store."

View of St. Augustine from railway depot, 1904

Bayfront, rotograph 1905. Capo's Bathhouse burned in the fire of 1914.

St. George Street looking north to intersection with Treasury Street. Building on right is the Burt House, now referred to as the Dr. Peck House or the "Spanish Treasury", approx. 1903. Detroit Publishing Company

Museum of the St. Augustine Institute of Science and Historical Society, Bay Street at intersection with Treasury [small alley in center of photo]. Approx. 1903. Detroit Publishing Company.

Dodge's Old Curiosity Shop, St. George Street, Approx 1906. Detroit Publishing Company.

1st National Bank, Cathedral Place, approx 1902. Detroit Publishing Company.

Florida East Coast Railroad Depot on Malaga Street. Note that general offices of the Florida East Coast Railroad have not yet been constructed. Approx 1905.

Tram to Usina's North Beach. Tourists would take the Victory II to North Beach for oysters at Usina's. The main part of present day Oscar's Grill on North Beach was Usina's Fish Camp.

Elks Lodge, 1912. Photo by Rogero and Pomar. Photo courtesy Florida Archives, Department of State, Tallahasee, Florida.

The above scene was on Marine Street. The building was subsequently torn down and reconstructed at the intersection of Marine and Avenida Menendez where is is now occupied by a restuarant. The Elks Lodge was chartered in 1903. After moving from Marine Street the lodge was located at the present site of the Monterey Motel on Bay Street, now Avenida Mendendez. The Lodge moved to its present location on Anastasia Island in 1975.

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